Information and Facilities of DIU

Dhaka International University (DIU) is one of the established and leading non-govermant universities in Bangladesh.The intial plan began in 1994 but the university was established in 1995.It is now operated as government apporoved university under the Non-Goverment University Act of 1992 (as amended in 1998).

Accreditation :

All DIU curricular have been approved by the University Grants Comission,The Goverment of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, private Sector Organizations and International Agencies across the country and International Agencies across the country and abroad accept the academic standerds of DIU.

Faculty :

DIU was established on 7th April, 1995 with the following FIVE faculties: Faculty of Business Studies , Faculty of Law , Faculty of Science and Engineering , Faculty of Pharmacy , Faculty of Arts , Social Sciences

DIU offers both graduate and post graduate programs in various disciplines. The course curricula of the above faculties other than proposed courses have been duly approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh.

Mission :

The mission of DIU is to produce capable leaders in respective field of study who can meet the challenges of the present dynamic world. DIU wants to ingrain those virtues in students which will make them honest in their thoughts and deeds. DIU is committed to the fact that rewarding careers await those individuals who are knowledgeable, skilled, innovative, motivated and honest.

Campus :

DIU is one of the few private universities in Bangladesh having its own campus. The main campus is located at House # 4, Road # 1, Block # F, Banani, Dhaka-1213.

The other campuses of DIU are located in the following addresses:

The campuses are located within the heart of Dhaka city, so they are well connected with various means of transport services.